Friday, November 7, 2008

Grain Elevators and amazing clouds

. St. Albert isn't known for its scenic views but there are a few places where you can look out and say, "that's very pleasant." (Yes, I'm afraid that's about as exuberant as I can be about the views).  Over the next few months I'll eventually write about all the special places here so keep coming back. (I feel the need to plug this blog for some reason!). 

Today I went to see Amanda working, which fortunately was in a park very close to the grain elevators. And as an added bonus the sky was showing off. The combination of iconic elevators and big prairie sky cloud effects was stunning. I hope you agree. 

These altocumulus clouds are formed by convection in an unstable layer which may result in the gradual lifting of air in advance of a cold front. Hmmm...does that mean snow later tonight? We're having unseasonably lovely weather right now, dry, sunny and the last thing we need is snow.

 Grain elevators are ubiquitous on the prairies. Once a symbol of the three prairie provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, they are now fast disappearing from the prairie landscape. At one time, every town and hamlet built one or more elevators to store grain beside the railway track.  St. Albert's two remaining elevators are from different decades, 1906 and 1929. A few years ago they were designated as Provincial Historic resources and could rank as our number 1 tourist attraction - if we ever had any tourists. You can take a guided tour of the elevators and the new train station (don't get excited - we don't have trains stopping here - it's just a fake station) which was designed and built 3 years ago to appear as it was in the 1920's, after it was extended to increase the baggage handling area. That bit about the baggage handling area makes me smile. Firstly the train station looks pretty small so it's hard to imagine that it was even smaller and secondly, who cares?  I think I know. Train buffs seem to be fanatical about their facts, don't they?

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