Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Festive Season

The cold weather has broken after almost three weeks of around minus 30 temperatures. It's between minus 7 and 15 now and feels quite balmy but yesterday we had more snow so we are firmly in the grip of winter now. 

The last two weeks have been filled with preparing and celebrating and we all had a fine time.
Our first event on Dec 22, was a family raclette with Naomi, Oren, Steve and Helen which coincided with the 2nd night of Hanukkah.

On Dec 24 we celebrated Reuben's birthday with a pizza lunch.

Christmas Day dawned bright and cold but Nicolas had a special treat for us. He made almond croissants. Who needs a TV when you can watch dough rise? He said they were so much work that he's never doing them again but we they were so good, I'm not sure we'll allow him to keep that promise. 

Santa had come, so time to open some presents. Everyone was very happy, especially Amanda and Nick - thanks to everyone in Ontario.

We spent the afternoon preparing dinner between bouts of sitting in front of the fire watching Planet Earth. 

Boxing Day, another night of Hanukkah and friends visiting.
Truly a wonderful time was had by all, even though we rarely popped our heads outside.

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