Monday, October 27, 2008

Market day

I'm playing catch up with this blog so the next few posts will feature some of the things we did in August and September. Every Saturday in June, July and August, St. Albert hosts the largest outdoor market in Western Canada. Reuben and I went to take some photos. We actually stopped shopping there a couple of years ago, mostly because it is very crowded. There's a mix of crafts and food and the market planners jumble the stalls together so it's quite difficult to just zoom in and pick up a few veggies. 
 The market is held in downtown St. Albert in front of the City Hall (not seen in the above photo). City planners have been trying to revitalize our little downtown core for several years. The area has some appeal, and nicer than our mall but apart from the market days it doesn't  draw for shoppers. So now the shops have been converted into spaces for dentists, lawyers, insurance agents etc. - unfortunately not businesses that promote strolling around. It's a shame there are very few shopping streets in the Greater Edmonton area, where you can actually walk from shop to shop. 
 I found a pig statue and it reminded me of the pigs in Bath. This one sits outside the only place to buy food in the centre of St. Albert. It's a deli but I rarely shop there as it doesn't have anything special. 

 I like our little post office. It's looks like it belongs in a different era, doesn't it. I'm thinking 1950's. 
The crane looms over a big empty hole. There was a fitness centre there which I belonged to for awhile. Now someone is building condos, like the one you see reflected in the window of a hair stylist's shop.   

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