Saturday, October 25, 2008

A walk by the river

The Sturgeon River flows through St. Albert making its way to  Hudson Bay. In the spring the river bursts at the seam with freshly melted snow water. It charges through the town purposefully heading north but by October, the river has stalled. It's now a sluggish stream  creeping through the town. Soon it will stall completely and it's shallow depths will freeze into a solid block of ice. I walked down to the river a week ago and gazed into the muddy water. I want to reassure myself that it is very shallow and come winter there will be no danger to ski or walk on the river. However today winter is still far away. The sun is shining and the river banks are a blaze of yellow against the blue sky. This is one of the prettiest views in St. Albert.
Just by the river is our new Botanical Garden. The flowers are still in bloom. I take lots of photos. I'm not sure why except that the colours, shapes and patterns attract m

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