Monday, October 27, 2008

Ow bist me babber

Many of you will know that Reuben has a fondness for unique t-shirts, waistcoats and sometimes bow ties. His latest t-shirt was a special gift from Simon and Adora (thanks again). Reuben's new mission is to have his photo taken wearing this t-shirt, in front of landmarks and viewpoints from around the world. Here he is in front of the Lion's Gate bridge -a suspension bridge linking the North Shore to Vancouver. A good link, don't you think? Here's why.

 'Ow bist me babber", the saying on the front of the t-shirt, is Bristolian - the Canadian equivalent might me "How's it going, eh?" Bristol is home to the most famous suspension bridge in the world - built by that renowned Victorian engineer, Brunel. And here are two photos of the bridge.

And here's another photo of Reuben in front of Canada's most famous suspension bridge. Interestingly it was built by the Guiness family who owned a huge chunk of land on the North Shore which they named, British Properties. They wanted to develop it as an exclusive estate so of course they had to first build a bridge linking it to Vancouver.  
Interesting facts and comparisions about the two bridges: 
The Clifton Suspension Bridge is 414 metres long and was built in 1831, as a memorial to I.K. Brunel.
The Lion's Gate Bridge is 1823 metres long and was built in 1937. It's named after  The Lions a pair of mountain peaks on the North Shore. 

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